Surprise! It's happened.

I thought about this quite a while and finally made it happen - my own blog!


It's a little hard to get into it at first but I've always wished for a platform where I could share more than my pictures - my thoughts and more personal insights as well as things that I care about or which spark my enthusiasm. I want to share experiences with you, so that they may help you, inspire you, and maybe also spark a little light and fire inside you! Might also happen that you'll find more banal things on here though - like what I ate for breakfast. lol
I need to get my content sorted out at first so I'd really like to know what YOU want to read or see here! You already gave me a lot of input in the comment section of my Instagram posts, but don't hesitate to tell me whatever comes to your mind! :)

In the meantime I'll just post whatever I feel like! Isn't it amazing that we have such possibilities nowadays so we can connect in so many ways, regardless of where we come from or where we'll go from here! We have a lot to learn from each other, I'm sure of that - so please don't hesitate and engage in lifely discussions with me in the comments <3