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New Nintendo 2DS and game review!

As you've probably seen on Instagram I got the very amazing chance to team up with Nintendo Austria to test the New Nintendo 2DS as well as 3 new games - Hey! Pikmin, Miitopia and Ever Oasis!

As I already own an 'old' 3DS XL (or LL, cause Japan doesn't know XL, not even in shoe size haha) - I'll never forget how happy I was to find the white and pink one in Bookoff Fukuoka for super cheap - I will compare my experiences with the consoles :)

A big plus of the console is definitely the light weight as well as the big screen! The NN2DS is really easy to carry around, and the overall size reminds me of the New Nintendo 3DS. The touchpen is also to be drawn from the same location (on the down side of the console) which made me crazy at first because I was used to always draw it from the right side of the console. The package includes all needed charging cables of course. The console itself got gimmicks like an installed camera, although you can't quite say it's …

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