New Nintendo 2DS and game review!

As you've probably seen on Instagram I got the very amazing chance to team up with Nintendo Austria to test the New Nintendo 2DS as well as 3 new games - Hey! Pikmin, Miitopia and Ever Oasis!

a rather small box for a fantastic console!
As I already own an 'old' 3DS XL (or LL, cause Japan doesn't know XL, not even in shoe size haha) - I'll never forget how happy I was to find the white and pink one in Bookoff Fukuoka for super cheap - I will compare my experiences with the consoles :)

my 'old' 3DS LL plus cutest pink charging cable <3

here the New Nintendo 2DS in stand-by mode

My 3DS case is from a little shop in Akihabara btw :)

A big plus of the console is definitely the light weight as well as the big screen! The NN2DS is really easy to carry around, and the overall size reminds me of the New Nintendo 3DS. The touchpen is also to be drawn from the same location (on the down side of the console) which made me crazy at first because I was used to always draw it from the right side of the console. The package includes all needed charging cables of course. The console itself got gimmicks like an installed camera, although you can't quite say it's a decent one but it's enough if games use that function I'd say, and of course normal wi-fi and the more 3/2DS specifical streetpass wi-fi.

there is an installed camera~

cartridges so tiny <3

bottom side - cartridge reader, on/off button and power/charge/battery indicators

upper side - two shoulder buttons on each side and the charging cable slot

reverse side

Miitopia (release date: 28/07/17)

So far so good! The first game I've tried was Hey! Pikmin

Hey! Pikmin (release date: 13/07/17)
I can vaguely remember the hype for the first Pikmin game in... what year was it again? Pretty long ago I'd say. I haven't played the original game myself but it always looked cute to me and very creative and addictive! As I then started the subsequel for the 3DS I was quite amazed at how smooth the introduction went over to the actual gameplay, which is indeed very fun. The Pikmin are lovely little wood creatures which remind me of the wood spirits from Mononoke Hime, not in appearance maybe but in their function for the woods and nature. Without the help of these cute little creatures Captain Olimar (the protagonist) wouldn't be able to explore this 'strange blue planet' (namely, Earth) and gather enough 'Sparklium' ('Glitzerium' in German) to travel back to his initial destination. The game is pretty self-explanatory but the little secrets in every world and a 'Pikmin Park' outside of the levels are nice gimmicks and it never gets actually boring! I heard a few people say it's not as challenging as it could be and as strategic as the older games were, but to be fair, it's a handheld side-scroller which features an alternated and transfered gameplay. It may not be the best game out of the series, but it is enjoyable and the item descriptions are really funny and detailed! You find a lot of real world items like rings or even Nintendo cartridges which are described through the eyes of an actual alien - priceless.

The second game I've tried was 'Ever Oasis'.
Ever Oasis (release date: 23/06/17)

To be honest I thought at first that it was kind of straightforward story and gameplay, but it turned out to be pretty complex and fun and I couldn't really quit playing! Leveling and looting are my absolute favorite things to do in games and this one is pretty amazing when it comes to looting and gathering materials/fruits and all. The plot focuses on the little seedling Thethi/Thethu who loses his/her (you can choose sex) brother to Chaos and builds a new Oasis with the help of a water goddess named Esna. The main goal is to recrute other characters to live in this Oasis and to form bonds with other races, so that it may be protected ultimately from Chaos. It's a single-player action/adventure, where you can also decide who of your friends (each with special talents) will travel the desert and explore dungeons with you. You're also responsible to gather food and materials to deliver it to your Oasis' shops. It's pretty cute, veeeery fun, and there's always something new to discover. In the end it made me wanna play Harvest Moon again so bad that I can't wait to get the newest game from Japan even though my backlog is huuuuge... :D

inside the Oasis - at night

the menu from which you can access stats, friends, items, weapons, etc.

The third game I got my hands on was the new Miitopia!

In it you play your own Mii and need to save the world from evil face-robbing demons. You can even choose the Mii who is going to be your super evil opponent! Also, you can meet other Mii through the spotpass function, assign them jobs and abilities, and fight with them in battles. It's super fun to explore dungeons and to find treasures while managing friendships! It's kind of a classic RPG you could say, but with a lot of bonuses. It was really fun to play but I must admit it would have been even more amazing had I met more friends to play with! It's also amiibo compatible though, which is pretty cool.

the evil face-robbing demons

you create your own Mii if you haven't one already! hello, it me :3

my life in a nutshell haha xD (it reads: Chou travels alone and without specific destination)

the first city plus weird looking NPCs

a cute illustration of the Miitopia world

you gotta choose your personality as well, I chose 'dreamer', obviously :D

My favorite game of the three is definitely Ever Oasis! It was an amazing mixture of RPG with puzzle elements and action. I'll definitely play that one a lot! I think there's a limit as to how many hours you can enjoy such games but it's definitely a lot of fun and many hours of puzzle-action.

The NN2DS is an amazing console. Even though the Nintendo Switch has been finally released it's an overall other feeling to play with it. It never fails to entertain, and my beloved Streetpass is just a big plus! I love interacting with strangers who also own a 2/3DS console on all the little Streetpass games, like completing puzzles etc. - and it's so fun to see where the people you meet are coming from! I love these mini games so much. You should definitely try them if you haven't!
That they didn't implement 3D features didn't bother me at all. A lot of games are using the upper screen in a very clever way and I haven't turned on the 3D function a lot anyway because it's very exhausting for the eyes.

completing puzzles, growing magical flowers, fishing legendary fish... Streetpass is the place to be <3

All in all I'm super happy I got a chance to test this amazing console and the games! It made me want to play more with handhelds again, as it's really nice you can take your console with you and the 3DS as well as the 2DS have so many fun games to offer one just cannot say no! Also as you need to collect coins by walking and carrying the console with you and to meet others via Streetpass it's even more a reason to take it with you when you go outside. I remember my boyfriend hitting his upper thigh every morning to collect all the coins if he had a lazy day, lol. #lifehack

I hope you enjoyed my little review! Feel free to drop me messages and comments if there's anything you'd like to know about the console or games! <3


  1. Vielen Dank für die tolle Review. Mir hat es das Design des neuen 2DS echt angetan. Wird das weiß von dem DS auch so schnell dreckig? Die Erfahrung hatte ich leider mit meinem gemacht...
    Leider ist keines der drei Spiele wohl wirklich etwas für mich. Pikmin mochte ich für die GC schon nicht so xD und ich glaube an den anderen beiden würde ich schnell die Lust verlieren. Aber ein toller Beitrag!
    Liebe Grüßchen ��


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