Gamescom '17 impressions

Hey guys!

I thought I'd write a post about my very first Gamescom experience to process all this awesomeness :)

Gamescom is Europe's biggest game convention and is taking place in Cologne, Germany at the end of August every year. Maybe you've seen some of my Instastories, if not, now is your chance to catch up ;)

can't wait for my next platinum run woop


I've never been to Cologne before even though Germany's not too far away from Austria - but I haven't had quite a motivation to visit before Gamescom to be honest. I've always wanted to attend but didn't have the chance until this year! I visited Tokyo Game Show in my year abroad though for two times (2015/16), so I was at least familiar with such big gaming events.

bag essentials for the week: my phone, a water bottle, sunnies, make up bag, folding umbrella.
things you don't see: FOOD hahaha

One word? Amazing! I traveled alone to Cologne but I was guest in a nice Airbnb student flat and met so many friends in Cologne and the event itself! A lot of my friends from Vienna work as online reporters and reviewers for game related content so I got the chance to help them out a bit and made tons of pictures and will also write a little article on my Gamescom experience in German on if you're interested! It will come online in the next few days, I'll post the exact link here when it's time. :)

On the first day I had the chance to test a lot of awesome games while not being overrun by millions of public visitors. That was truly great! I got my hands on Far Cry 5, Life is Strange 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Overwatch (they showed a new map), Super Mario Odyssey, FFXV VR Monster of the Deep, ... well, a lot! I had the chance to play other games after some waiting in line as well on public days, like COD WW2, Dragonball FighterZ, and so on. I really wanted to play Monster Hunter World but some people waited for 7-8 hours already (on the first public day!! Crazy!) and well, it wasn't worth it I guess lol. 
I had the chance to play Final Fantasy Dissidia NT with the Director and Producer live on stage and the funniest thing was that they were super surprised that I spoke Japanese fluently with them, haha. I love the faces of Japanese when foreigners speak their language and they can't really believe it at first. The best. <3

crazy stage cosplayers <3

My lovely Insta-Kawaiisquad joined me for some days as well as my friends from Vienna and I went to a few afterparties like the Trion Worlds get-together at the brewery Deutz, which was really amazing. We need to work on your Instagram presence, Linda! 
On Friday I had the great chance to attend the Sony afterparty, held at the Sony stage in the actual Gamescom entertainment hall - and it was LEGENDARY, hands down. I danced with the official ork cosplayers from the the Shadow of Mordor 2 booth I saw the other day, they had the most awesome DJ's and overall, I love partying with gamers and geek out together the most! When we left, they've already closed the gate to the train station and it rained, so we had to climb over it somehow. It was 1 am, my feet hurt a lot and I still carry bruises from that adventure, haha. I then wandered through the darkest park ever because I missed the entrance to the next party location hosted by (former Game One team of MTV, legends in the German-speaking gaming community :D). I somehow managed to not get killed or robbed and reach my destination - where I met one of my Tokyo besties again! It was a great last Gamescom party night! I guess I'm old because I'm still recovering, haha. Still, it was an amazing experience!
The next day my Instalovelies joined me for the most delicious sushi I've ever eaten outside of Japan (again, the Japanese in awe at my Japanese skills lol), a cat café visit and a little late night shopping trip to Primark, so I could finally exchange my damaged shoes for new ones. God bless shoes!

My week's highlights: Lovely friends, Far Cry 5 (thought I didn't like the setting but it's def a must-buy now), Super Mario Odyssey (now collecting little moons instead of stars!), 12 kg merchandise I brought back home, Lucky bags, new amazing friends and contacts from all over the world, losing weight over walking hundreds of kilometers each day, VR fishing (omg I love fishing so much), afterparties, being at the right time in the right place 3 times a day, sushi. <3

Loothaul will eventually follow in my Instastories  and here when I have time to unpack everything :)

Here are some pics for you:

me figuring out how to like the Life is Strange 2 demo
coolest chill area <3
and I LOVE malboros, they are so cute even though they must smell horrible
fishies, FF and VR - heaven <3
me doing some virtual fishing
I hate orange but these were amazing!
and I love dragons, that's all
I loved that they installed even the old FF's here!
little bakery protector!!!

some NFS action going on in this hall
big Overwatch Wall <3

I'm not an Xbox player but omg, this one pink controller right above the X stole my heart lol
kawa i i squad part I - me, @elenalanua, @stxrmbxrn, @moona_catz <3
even the escalator was in gaming mood
kawa i i squad part II - @cordiereee, @magarisan, @talknerdytomeee (and his friend Danny) <3
original Lich King, happy me, blood elf
our squad being pwned in Overwatch :'/
me plus lovely Enemy and Shinigaming crew rockin the party <3